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Using Personality Profiles for Better Work Performance

Monday, November 4 @ 12:00 AM - Friday, November 29 @ 12:00 AM

Understanding yourself and others will increase your overall effectiveness at work, home, and in all of your relationships. Learn how to improve your communication with others, convey your ideas effectively, and improve your ability to understand what is important to those who don’t share your same style. Course fee includes your own DiSC Behavioral Personality Profile assessment and review.


Unit 1
Understanding the DiSC Profile
-Getting to know the four styles of the DiSC profile

Unit 2
Communicating effectively with each style
-Understanding preferences for communicating
-The most effective and influential communicators
-Knowing how to reach and be understood by others
-Insights into barriers that each style has,
-Clarifying detractors and enhancements for each style

Unit 3
Increasing your Success Part 1
-In depth analysis of the D and I behavioral styles from the DiSC profile
-Creating action plans for D and I styles

Unit 4
Increasing your Success Part 2
-Analyzing the other two behavioral styles from the DiSC profile: S and C
-Developing action plans for S and C styles