Summer Series Session #3: Connecting with your Professors and Classmates

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Thursday, July 21 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Session Description: Building connections and relationships with your professors and classmates is critical to your success and engagement in college. Further, according to a recent workplace report by LinkedIn, Communications is the number 1 skill gap across major cities in the United States. From practicing your interpersonal skills through peer collaboration to refining the way you communicate with your professors, putting in the effort to be engaged student (online or on-campus) will pay off in more ways than one. In this session, find out what effective communication means at the college-level, discover how it differs from everyday communication you have with your friends and family, and get expert advice for staying connected while you attend Laurel Ridge Community College.

Thursday, July 21 @ 5pm-6pm

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Session Hosts: Naomi Simpson, Associate Professor of Communication Studies