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Tuesday, September 3 @ 12:00 AM - Friday, September 27 @ 12:00 AM

Businesses are turning to podcasting to grow their brand and connect with customers. People with a niche hobby are turning podcasts into a business. Podcasting is experiencing a rebirth as mobile devices are everywhere. The intimate nature of the audio medium allows potential clients to get to know who you are and determine if you are the kind of company with which they want to do business. Learn how to take your business or hobby and turn it into a podcast. This step-by-step class will take you from start to finish and cover the required elements needed to get your show online. Come to class with your idea and end with your show online for all to hear.


Unit 1
Starting a Podcast for Businesses or Pleasure
What is a podcast and how it works
Finding your target audience and goals
What type of podcast will work for your clients: interview style, panel discussions, host lectures
How long your show should be and what should you call it
What realistic expectations and options are for the total number of shows you will produce
Including Audio and Video options of your shows

Unit 2
Setting-up your Show
Best equipment for you (microphones, computers, headphones, mixing boards) – budget options as well as full professional set up
Finding audio files to make the “bumpers” for your show
Options for editing files on a mac or PC
Where to host your show files and setting up a website
Submitting to iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast directories

Unit 3
Recording Your Podcast
How to set up a studio in your home
What is a good on-the-go podcast set up?
Talking to others outside of your business
Tips on recording your podcast for good audio quality
Setting up simple camera and lights if you are incorporating video

Unit 4
Marketing and Promoting Your Podcast
Getting the word out about your show
Making money with subscriptions
Building a community around your podcast
Reaching current AND new clients
How to use your podcast to grow your leadership position in your industry
Being an effective marketer without being an obnoxious sales person