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Conflict Management

Tuesday, September 3 @ 12:00 AM - Friday, September 27 @ 12:00 AM

A recent study conducted by the American Management Association (AMA) revealed that the average manager spends more than 20 percent of their day engaged in or reacting to a conflict situation. This study also identified that out of twenty-five management skills, conflict management was the only one positively correlated to higher earnings and promotion. Discover a workable conflict management model, discuss case studies in conflict management, and then take away successful conflict management strategies to apply in your workplace.


Unit 1
Understanding Conflict
– Definition of conflict.
– The up side of conflict.
– Describe performance expectations related to conflict.

Unit 2
Understanding the Conflict Management Model
-Using the model
-Dialog for a conflict conversation
-When to take action and address a conflict situation

Unit 3
Conflict Management Case Studies
-Review of real world cases
-Analyze and evaluate the cases

Unit 4
Strategies for success
-Creating a standard of performance
-Creating your own dialog
-Applying the model