Client-Patient Rights

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April 1, 2021 - December 31, 2022

Language: English

Short Description: Excellent customer service is not just a courtesy in the medical field; it’s a patient’s right. No one wants to visit a crass, rude, and off-putting doctor. Poor customer service can even discourage patients from seeking necessary treatments because they feel uncomfortable or uneasy in the care facility. When you make patients feel welcomed, even with something as simple as offering a smile, they will feel more comfortable, even during an uncomfortable visit.
Suppose your patient Richard is diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Instead of taking your word, he may want to see the test results or get a second opinion before starting treatment. As his care provider, you need to uphold his right to see the paperwork confirming the diagnosis before moving on to establish a care plan. Present your patient with a number of options and make recommendations, but respect the treatment the patient ultimately chooses.

Instructor Description: This class is an independent-study course. Students will have all the resources needed to successfully complete the course within the online material. A student helpdesk is available for technical support during the course enrollment.


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