Research, Analytics, and Data Systems RADS

Research, Analytics, and Data Systems (RADS) is a dynamic department of very talented individuals. They focus on research of student and institutional data, faculty and staff support, and software system development to promote the efforts of students. Our team is comprised of programmer analysts, software developers, and those with extensive knowledge related to business processes and support, since many have owned a business.

Our team is your resource to understand the impact processes will have on data and other departments — Just ask. RADS is the only department that maintains a holistic view of our data systems and how our processes and business practices impact them.

  • Our Institutional Research (IR) efforts include awardsenrollment, and reporting for the college and regulatory authorities
  • We maintain support for multiple software platforms related to student engagement and transfer to 4-year institutions
  • Many of the surveys issued by the college are prepared, maintained, and compiled by RADS
  • We’re focused on user security and data integrity within many of the college’s data systems
  • Our RADS team focuses on supporting departments and backing up other team members within different departments
  • We support and serve on committees, including work groups, to support the efforts of the college
  • RADS supports software that impacts the college’s core values and other initiatives required by the Virginia Community College System (VCCS)

We do more than support software and initiatives. RADS builds custom software solutions within our own Enterprise Application System (Vision EAS). Our team has the only software developers on staff at the college and is responsible for collaborating with administrators, faculty, and staff to develop custom, focused, secure applications to address very specific needs, integrating resources and data, establish and promote efficient communications between departments and processes. Security is so tight, users can only see and interact with the resources they have been assigned by our team.

If you are faculty, staff, or a student, you may log into Vision EAS here: or you may use the “Vision EAS” tile from your MyLaurelRidge login. Further information about RADS is provided within Vision EAS on our Resource Page, located on your Dashboard.

Need help logging in: View access instructions

Jeremiah Shifflett

Jeremiah Shifflett

RADS – Programmer Analyst
Eric Simons

Eric Simons

Software Developer, User Access Security Officer